The model sheets are designed to be printed on to 160gsm card.  

When printing your model ensure your printer is set to "centre on page" and scaled at 100%.   Ensure paper size is set to A4.   The "General Everyday printing" setting is quite adequate for printing the models.

Some components, such as upper deck and balcony railings look far better if printed on to transparencies, but make sure transparencies used are correct for your printer, i.e. inkjet and laser printers use different types of transparency, which put in the wrong type of printer can cause damage.

All  the models have certain components printed within a red lined enclosure.   These red-lined areas should be cut off the main cards and stuck to thicker card before cutting out the components.  An old cereal box or similar is ideal for this.  It is better to stick the parts on to the printed side of the box, so that any visible reverse sides of the parts are grey and not multi-coloured!

All fold lines should be scored before cutting out the part.  Use a steel rule and an empty ball-point pen for this.  Any apertures such as doorway openings, or windows on some models if they are to be "glazed", should also be cut out before cutting the component from the card.  

Appearance of the final model can be greatly improved  by colouring exposed white card edges or score lines using an appropriately coloured  felt tipped pen.

Many of the centre entrance Blackpool tram models have two inner former units, one for each end of the car.   When inserting these into the body shell care should be taken in ensuring that the body sides overlap both assemblies equally, to ensure the body sides are parallel throughout the length of the tram and it will; sit  squarely on its wheels when the bogies are attached.

Advertisement sheets for the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay cars and Bradford trolleybuses are available to download by clicking on the "Free Downloads" button on this site.  Alternative fleet numbers for LCBER cars and the cars of their former operators (Bournemouth, Accrington and Darwen) cars are also available from the "Free Downloads" section.

Please note that the model downloads are for your own personal use only, and commercial use is prohibited.